Achieving Success

Dellicker Strategies helps educators use technology, applications and data to improve student instruction.

We help schools set realistic goals, write effective plans and receive relevant training. Then, we track, analyze and report the outcomes. We get results.

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Company Values

Dellicker Strategies believes that all children deserve the benefits of a quality education. In doing our work:

  • We act with integrity
  • We provide quality services
  • We have a positive attitude

 We work hard to help you succeed.

About US

Schools have spent billions of dollars on classroom technology, yet, most fail to experience any measurable impact on student performance. Dellicker Strategies will help you define expectations, develop your team and track program outcomes to maximize the return on your technology investments.

we get results.

Hybrid Learning Institute

The Hybrid Learning Institute is a group of more than 1,000 educators working together to deliver personalized learning in a blended environment. 

Our Team

Dellicker Strategies consultants are leaders in the fields of technology, education and change management.