Professional Development
Once a plan is in place, our team makes sure educators have relevant training plus effective tools to monitor program implementation. We practice data-driven coaching.

Our Team

Dellicker Strategies consultants are leaders in the fields of technology, education and change management. 

OUr work

Dellicker Strategies helps schools in three primary ways: delivering effective planning, providing relevant training and overseeing continuous improvement.
Our consultants start by assessing the problems that need to be solved, setting realistic goals and aligning curriculum and technology investments to intended outcomes.

Putting it all together

If a school starts with a good plan, implements with fidelity and uses data for continuous improvement, then it should expect to achieve success!

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Continuous Improvement
 Dellicker Strategies helps customers track outcomes, analyze data and adjust delivery to maximize success. Then, we help them report results in clear and concise terms. 

Hybrid Learning Institute

The Hybrid Learning Institute is a group of more than 1,000 educators working together to deliver personalized learning in a blended environment.