The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ) has awarded a three-year statewide contract to Dellicker Strategies for Internet and Technology Services. All services include a 10% discount or more.
Access the contract 
here or visit the ESCNJ co-op pricing website here for the official award documents.

Management Services

Dellicker provides ongoing solutions to keep your technology current and your data networks safe and secure.

Sign up for our new webinar series on cybersecurity threats, four Wednesdays in June and July. Email kevin@dellicker.com for login details.

Topics: Ransomware, Social Engineering, Cryptocurrency Mining, Foreign Government Threats. Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. starting June 19.

  • Program Update: Dellicker Strategies and the ESCNJ deliver $260 million in cost savings to schools and municipalities through the New Jersey Digital Readiness for Learning & Assessment Project (NJDRLAP).
  • Latest round of co-op contracts delivers 2.5 times the Internet bandwidth for 58 percent less costs.
  • Savings are enough to keep 500 teachers on the job in New Jersey classrooms statewide!

Together, Dellicker and the ESCNJ are helping schools and municipalities across New Jersey get more value from their tech investments. Whether arranging faster broadband, protecting student data or solving complex problems, the Dellicker Technology Contract delivers quality outcomes that public organizations require and taxpayers demand. We get results.

Procurement Solutions

Dellicker can help you purchase new technologies at the best prices using approved procurement methods without all the extra hassle. 

Schedule a free consultation with Dellicker Strategies to review your cybersecurity program and prioritize your risk assessment strategy.

Contact Kevin Dellicker at 484-788-1221 or via email at kevin@dellicker.com. Don't wait until you are attacked to shore up your defenses.

It's time to take cyber security seriously.

Attacks are on the rise, consequences are getting worse and citizens are growing impatient. Protecting your network is not something to put off anymore, and its not just the job of the technology department. Top executives need to get involved now.

​​Dellicker provides comprehensive solutions that identify your most important vulnerabilities and align your risk-managment program with national best-practices. As a pre-approved vendor on the ESCNJ co-op, buying has never been easier or more affordable. Just click on the links for our co-op agreement and statement of work.

New Informational Webinar Series:

Cybersecurity Threat of the Day 

Join us Wednesday mornings in June & July for updates on the latest cyber threats to schools and municipalities

  • Cybersecurity Threat of the Day Topics 
  • All webinars 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
    • June 19- Ransomware
    • June 26- Social Engineering (Phishing, etc.)
    • July 03- Cryptocurrency Mining
    • July 10- Foreign Governments
Technology & Cyber Security Assessments

Dellicker can help you determine exactly what technologies you need to support future applications and keep your data safe and secure.

New Jersey State Approved Co-op #65MCESCCPS/ ESCNJ 18/19-18 

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