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Pennsylvania Broadband Networks
  • Since 2005, Dellicker Strategies has helped 70% of all the school districts in Pennsylvania upgrade their broadband infrastructure.

  • Dellicker Strategies helped regional groups of schools use collaborative purchasing to increase available bandwidth by 850%. 

  • Dellicker Strategies also led the creation of a statewide K-12 system linking all the regional networks.

Success stories

Dellicker Strategies tracks the performance of all its projects. Timely and reliable information helps our customers make informed decisions and allows our consultants to keep improving the value of our services. Check out the summary data from our technology upgrades since 2005 (click here) and success stories from select projects below.

West Virginia Telehealth Alliance
  •  Dellicker Strategies helped this non-profit organization improve health-care access and telemedicine for thousands of rural citizens across the state.

  • Over two years, Dellicker Strategies oversaw the WVTA's broadband service upgrade to 93 different healthcare locations across the state.

  • The total contract value of the upgraded broadband infrastructure was approximately $10 million.

New Jersey Digital Readiness for Learning and Assessment Project
  • Since 2013, Dellicker Strategies has helped NJ schools improve  their educational technology.

  • In the first three years, NJDRLAP cut the price of Internet access by 74% for 200 organizations while increasing their Internet bandwidth 2.2 times and saving $109 million.

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